The Mark of the Beast – 666


To comprehend The Mark of the Beast, we should start in the Book of Revelation for the employable sacred texts relating to the Beast and his imprint. Clearly the monster here alludes to a piece of the idea of its ruler Satan, who endeavors to run the world and foil the arrangement of Christ.


Disclosure 13:15-18 says: “And it was given to him [the Beast] to give breath to the picture of the monster, with the goal that the picture of the monster would try and talk and cause as many as don’t venerate the picture of the monster to be killed”. This sacred text helps one to remember the allurements of Christ in the wild. Satan shows Him everything on the planet and offers it to Him on only one condition: that He tumble down and love him. Satan has wanted love all along.


Isaiah 14:13-14 God says of Satan:

“In any case, you said in your heart,

‘I will climb to paradise;

I will raise my high position over the stars of God,

What’s more, I will sit on the mount of get together

In the openings of the north.

I will climb over the levels of the mists;

I will make myself like the Most High.”

The monster that emerged from the ocean of mankind was the perfection of His arrangement.


Disclosure goes on:


“Furthermore, he [the beast] causes all, the little and the incredible, and the rich and poor people, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a blemish on their right hand or on their brow,

what’s more, he gives that nobody will actually want to purchase or to sell, with the exception of the person who has the imprint, either the name of the monster or the quantity of his name”.


Satan here has concluded that to finish his lordship over humanity he should control the financial framework, both the purchaser and the merchant. By getting this control he can make materialistic man his accidental instruments in doing his arrangement. Since the affection for cash is the foundation of all malevolent, it is the base of Satan the abhorrent one. In Sodom and Gomorrah during Abraham’s time, straight up to their annihilation, they were first trading. Exchange has been a most significant capacity of society since the earliest reference point of time. To control exchange is to choke individuals. Most conflicts, at their root, were battled about financial issues. Today gatherings, for example, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Illuminati have anticipated hundreds of Benefits are given  years to control man by controlling world funds.


So what is this imprint and what’s the significance here? It appears to be that this imprint is of the permanent nature, really engraved in his tissue and by coherent movement his tendency. It addresses a total giving over of the human instinct to the detestable one. This imprint is depicted as:


“Here is astuteness. Let him who has understanding ascertain the quantity of the monster, for the number is that of a man; and his number is 600 and 66” (v 18).


John, the creator of Revelation, says that the significance of this imprint is reasonable to him who has thinking and understanding; at the end of the day divine revelation. Six, in Christian numerology, is the quantity of man. Seven is the quantity of God. Sacred text says man was made for a brief period lower than the heavenly messengers (Hebrews 2:7; Psalm 8:5-6). So six, man, is underneath seven, God.


This number of the monster, which is equivalent to his name, contains three sixes. God has a three-fold (3-section) nature-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Man has a three-fold nature-soul, soul and body. Three is the quantity of culmination. So as God and man are finished by these 3-section articulations of themselves, Satan delivers, as an affront to the trinity, his three-crease nature. These are the three pieces of him uncovered in Revelation: the Beast, the misleading prophet and the counter Christ. The monster addresses the countries and Kings of the world. The bogus prophet talks impious things against the Lord. Also, the counter Christ is the soul that denies Christ.


The sacred text says that a three-overlay line isn’t effectively broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12; Isaiah 19:18; 2 Kings 3:6). In this way, with the three pieces of his inclination uncovered and bound together, Satan uncovers the last zenith of his arrangement for the earth. Obviously he is in the long run ousted into everlasting hellfire alongside his misleading prophet, monster and hostile to Christ. Eventually, he is viewed as only a man.


“The people who see you will look at you,

They will contemplate over you, saying,

‘Is this the MAN who made the earth shudder,

Who shook realms,

Who made the world like a wild

What’s more, toppled its urban communities,

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