Street Furniture of the Past and of Today

 Street Furniture of the Past and of Today


Street furniture refers to all outdoor furniture including, benches, post boxes, phone boxes, traffic lights, street lamps, traffic signs, outdoor sculptures, and waste bins. This bollard landscape lighting

furniture is used to provide comfort, beauty, navigation, and safety to all residents in a particular city. Furniture on the street has been in use for hundreds of years, and the history and culture of a specific area can read through the various items that are placed outside.

The history of street furniture

Water troughs where one of the first utilitarian items that were placed on the street. These troughs were used to provide water for horses that were used as a means of transportation. Benches, street lights, and street signs were soon to follow.

Benches were placed in areas where travellers waited for railways, and traditional gas street lights were used to lights up the streets to make them safe and illuminated during the evening.

Basic street signs allowed individuals to navigate their cities so they could easily get from one area to the next. Litter bins, post boxes and telephone booths showed up over time as technology and cultures advanced. Litter bins kept streets and outdoor areas clean, and post boxes and telephone booths added convenience to individuals as they walked down the streets.

Street furniture today

Technology, culture, and the needs of city residents have changed greatly over time, and this can be seen through the advances in furniture items placed on the streets.

High-quality electric street lights have replaced the old Victorian lights, and LED signs can be seen around the city that display important news information and daily weather. Reflective street signs and traffic lights have replaced the old fashioned basic metal signs, and litter bins and post boxes have been updated to accommodate the incredibly large influx in city residents that live in one area.

Sculptures that feature modern themes and artistic styles can be seen all around the UK, and these art pieces speak about the changes in the world and the incredible cultural advancements.

Trends in furniture on the streets



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