June – No Weapon Designed Against You Will Flourish!


From puberty, I have looked into God’s consistent and caring nature. My people got a free time to show me God, who made the sky and the earth. As a young fellow, regardless of the way that I was challenging to a level, I had deferential fear for God. Regardless of all that should be possible then, I didn’t screw with the outflow of God and His statutes. Essentially I sorted out some way to describe a couple of Book of scriptures holds back and could proceed perpetually to encourage my allies to do in that capacity.


Generally speaking, I participated in Book of scriptures recitations both in the school and the Congregation. I learned in time that God is given and whatever He says, He would do, regardless of what the enveloping circumstances. Exactly when his 350 Legend ammo  say NO WEAPON, He suggests NO WEAPON. The size isn’t His anxiety. The plan isn’t His fear; nor is the weapon’s SHAPE prepared to limit His words.


Exactly when we stay in the secret spot of the Most High God, or make Him our home we verify getting by in the midst of the ongoing day chances. To remain in the secret spot of the Most High God is to have a close by or close association with Him and too put one’s finished trust and suspicions in Him reliably and regardless (Hymns 9:2, 9, 14; Ephesians 2:5-6).


This month hangs out in the ordinary occasions that emphasize people’s activities all through daily existence. As per it, in “June, Utter No Abhorrent” (Galatians 6:17) to anyone. Savage articulations are a counteraction and phenomenal weapons of destruction, which is among the things God detests and can’t stand in His young people. Love vanquishes each misguided expectation. Jesus supported love for one another as a counteractant to scorn (John 13:34). As a splendidly stunning inclination, love can change lives. It can smooth the hardest heart and break down the most frozen character. I don’t totally sort out veneration, but emphatically I have experienced it.


Certified love – the sort that Jesus Christ orders – isn’t quick or basic. It requires a show of the will, in addition to an up close and personal response. God loves us before we were delightful. So too, we are called to revere others, not to can’t handle them. Likewise, whenever we do this, the significant length of June exhorts us that “no weapon molded against us will flourish” because we are living in the request for God.


Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and distributer with the Troublemaker Int”l Services, a media administration that is arranged in Nigeria.

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