Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Tips – Changing Your Cooler Pads


Change cooler cushions routinely


During my time of dealing with evaporative coolers I have found that unfortunate upkeep of cooler cushion material presumably contributes the most to untimely disintegration of the whole cooler. Most proprietors feel they are setting aside cash by leaving the old cushions in the unit as far as might be feasible yet, at last they are costing themselves substantially more cash over the long haul by changing out the whole cooler years before they ought to need to transform it. I will make sense of why this is normally the situation. Be that as it may, first how about we check out at the various sorts of evaporative cooler media.


Contrasts in Evaporative Media


The most widely recognized cushion material for evaporative coolers is aspen cushion. These cushions get their name since they are made of wood shavings from aspen trees. The aspen wood is then encased in plastic cheesecloth network measured for each  Evaporation Materials evaporative cooler louver. Aspen cushions are generally utilized on the grounds that the aspen shavings ingest and deliver dampness productively. By delivering more water into the passing air, the temperature decrease utilizing aspen cushions is superior to a few different materials. Albeit these aspen cushions are not generally so proficient as CELdek media, which is cellulose paper designed into honeycomb molded blocks. CELdek media by and large comes in 8 in. what’s more, 12 in. thick blocks. Since the air goes through thicker material more water is ingested which gives a more noteworthy temperature decrease to the air. Since aspen cushions are undeniably more affordable to fabricate they are all the more regularly utilized in evaporative coolers.


Why Change Cushions Routinely


So for what reason would it be a good idea for you to change aspen cushions consistently despite the fact that they don’t look that terrible following one year? Your float valve gives numerous gallons of water access to the cooler every day. As the water disseminates over all the aspen cushions it is continually dissipating. This is great as it produces cool air. However, then again it is leaving every one of the first minerals from these gallons of water every day to continue to develop in the cooler container. As this intensely mineraled water siphons into the aspen cushions, these cushions hold a large part of the minerals. Recall in these sorts of coolers the aspen cushion is in touch with the metal louvers. These minerals being held against the metal louvers can decay the louvers years before they ought to.


Gauge the Expenses


From my experience, most evaporative cooler proprietors do next to no upkeep and whine that the coolers don’t keep going adequately long. Others, who in all actuality do year’s end support, channel and clean the cooler dish and feel they are taking great consideration of their cooler. In any case, they are leaving a lot of minerals in the cooler cushions through the colder time of year, standing by to decay the metal when the following cooling season begins. Private cooler cushions about $7 each and contingent upon whether your cooler is a window mount, side draft or down draft rooftop top unit, you are just utilizing 3 or 4 cushions for every cooler. Burning through $20-$30 each year on aspen cooler cushions can typically be undeniably more affordable than purchasing and

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